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19 Aug Posted by in news | 1 comment

Fox Business News article

Fox Business News reporter Kate Rogers interviewed our founder, Bryan Bowers.  The interview involved an industry survey on the top concerns for parents with back to school around the corner. The biggest concern for parents was sexting.  Bryan was also able to share tips for parents to help keep their kids out of trouble. You […]


17 Aug Posted by in news | Comments

Bryan Bowers mentioned in industry survey

SpectorSoft  Corporation conducted a survey (click here to access) about the biggest concerns parents have relating to Internet safety.  Our founder, Bryan Bowers, was quoted in the article. You can view the article by clicking here.


11 Aug Posted by in news, Social networking | Comments

How to remove your cell phone number from FaceBook

You may have heard recently how your cell phone number is being shared with all of your FaceBook friends.  If you do not like this invasion into your privacy by FaceBook please watch this video to learn how to remove your cell phone from FaceBook. This is especially important for parents too.  You do not […]


31 Jul Posted by in news | Comments

Smartphones can broadcast your confidential location information

Most people don’t realize that smartphones broadcast location information to everyone who sees your picture online.  This can include unsavory persons such as stalkers, pedophiles, and other criminals.   To learn more please visit our Dangers of Geotagging page.


26 Jul Posted by in news | Comments

The dangers of posting inappropriate pictures online

Unfortunately pictures posted online can take on a life of their own. An intimate or inappropriate picture uploaded to a social networking site like FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, etc can haunt someone for years to come even if the picture has been removed. Please view the following public service announcement.  


26 Jul Posted by in news | 1 comment

How to Deal With Cyberbullies and Online Creeps

Article from If it’s a situation of cyberbullying, here’s what you and your child can do. No matter what, don’t respond to the bully. That’s what they want. Make copies of the bullying so it’s documented. Learn how. Print out the copies and either mail or bring them to the parents’ house to show […]


20 Jul Posted by in news | 1 comment

How To Set Up Parental Controls on the iPad

Article from 1. The first thing you’ll want to do is find the Settings button on your home screen – 2. Once you’ve clicked that, look for the “General” tab on the left side. From there you’ll see the “Restrictions” option—click it. 3. At the top, you’ll want to click “Enable Restrictions”. This will […]


17 Jul Posted by in news | 2 comments

How to Set Parental Controls on Mac OS X

Article from First, find the System Preferences icon on your desktop and click on it. It looks like this: Now look for “Accounts” and click that.   You’ll be taken to a screen where you can modify or add users to the computer. In order to set parental controls, your child will need their […]


07 Jul Posted by in news | Comments

Take control over your privacy and discover which FaceBook apps are spying on you

Do you remember all those quizzes you took in Facebook? Do you realize that each one of those apps is silently collecting information about you every day and feeding it to marketers? We just discovered a new service which analyzes every app in your FaceBook account and gives you a detailed report on: Information collected […]


03 Jul Posted by in news | Comments

Twitter – A Revolutionary Way for Kids to Text for Free, Cyberbully and More

Article from “@” is a way to directly refer to another Twitter user when you send out a tweet. So, if you post a tweet and you put @marykayhoal in the tweet, then I will see on my Twitter account that you mentioned me in your tweet. As well, anyone who follows me on […]